Passing of Tony Purcell


It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Tony Purcell longtime President of Local Lodge 2367. Tony passed away suddenly on Saturday January 9, 2021. 

Tony was one of the few labor leaders to be the President of two Locals (Lodge 928, before it was merged, and Lodge 2367). He was always a 100% committed IAM trade unionist, through and through, and a credit to the membership and the IAM in every way.  Tony’s Presidencies spanned decades. He was a delegate to the Grand Lodge Convention, and a Sectional Vice-President of the PSCM. Even after Tony’s retirement from Armstrong, in addition to State Council participation, he continued to share his experience, guidance and leadership with Local and District representatives.  

Tony will be missed by the members and Staff of District 98.


Tony’s obituary is below.  














Negotiating committee members from IAM Local 2439, along with District 98 staff members, completed a virtual negotiating prep class prior to entering contract talks with TCC Pennwest Homes LLC.  The week-long class included training in drafting contract language, presenting proposals, analyzing the company’s strength and weaknesses and identifying a broad array of potential tactics.

“In these ever-evolving times we all need to be prepared for different and creative forms of collective bargaining.,” said District 98 Directing Business Representative Bob Miller. “We were all impressed with how smoothly the virtual training was conducted, and we did not have any problems accessing the training during the week. I would like to thank International President Robert Martinez Jr and the Executive Board for their continued support of this program and the Staff, Instructors and technical staff at W-3 for putting together this virtual training.”Stated DBR Miller.

Committeeman Mike Mercer commented “Our learning here today increases our membership’s knowledge tomorrow.”

The CBA between L.L. 2439 and TCC Pennwest Homes expires February 27th.

L.L. 2439’s committee is shown below from left to right, Mike Mercer, JD Burk, Chris Bradybaugh and Joe Beck.


























Both Contracts at  Parker Lord Erie Pa Overwhelmingly ratified by the 218  Members from Local Lodge 1211   and Local Lodge 20 members  1968 tool Room   the ratification was Sunday December 20

These are five year agreements for each

First I would commend these committees for their commitment ,solidarity and Due diligence for doing a true Yeomans job for there members .

On behalf of both negotiating committees at Parker Lord and myself . We would like to thank everyone for the assistance  and support provided .

From the WWW negotiations prep in the field  that occurred in October By Brother Chris Wagnor , Strategic Resources ,Legal and the Grand Lodge .

We went through approximately three weeks of on and off   negotiations, during that time the committees utilized all resources and training that was provided by everyone . This was a unusual negotiations , the companies attempt to take away previous negotiated items where stopped.

The committees participation and commitment throughout was unbelievable

The committees stood strong. The negotiation  handbooks compiled  by Mike at WWW a understanding of the process , flyers from communications department sent a message weekly  along with.  The  shirts and mask provided by the locals proved to be a strong stand of solidarity by the membership, which was blackout Thursdays. Which at that time member from both Locals wore Black I Am The Union Shirts with Black mask with their Local and Machinist logo

 The insurance was the major issue with  multiple salary bands . To which we heave never seen

We were able to suppress and succeed with one  Band . This insurance was not  going away with the higher deductibles.

As we moved through those items  we did achieve transition monetary offsets. On dental , health care

As far as language we approved many items which is  benefit to the members .

In regard to the monetary some of those are below

3 percent increases  each year for all five years

Year 2022 and 2023 $.25 cents per hour added to the base rate on top of the 3percent

No more two tier members will progress year one 5 percent increase on top of contractual raises and following years at 4 percent increases till all achieve there respected top Rates

Increases each year to the pension on the multipliers

Additional ½ day on personal day’s up  to 4  ½ personal days each year

Equity raises for the tool room each year of agreement  (LL1968 )

Other increase through out the agreement

One such as while on A/S company covers all cost related to medical dental vision when off on A/S.

Again thanks to everyone

Submitted By Tim Buck ADBR
















































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