Brother Don Boots 42 year member retires

Brother Don Boots, a 42 year IAMAW Member from Local lodge 1671 is Presented with a gold watch from LL 1671 by ASST DBR Tim Buck at Standard Horse in New Brighton, PA. Brother Boots has worked as a Tool and Die / Maintenance for the 42 years and has been a true unionist. The company had a luncheon for the Machinists and the Steelworkers were also invited and wished Don the best in his retirement.

He stated he is thankful for everything and especially looking forward to start collecting his IAM pension. Brother Boots served a steward and on the Negotiating committee for many years.   ASST DBR Buck is confident Brother Boots will enjoy a long Happy Retirement and His son who was hired last year will continue in his father’s footsteps.

Again Congratulations to Brother Boots on his well-deserved retirement!

Submitted by: Assistant DBR Tim Buck



Asst. DBR Tim Buck presenting watch to Brother Boots
Brother Boots and Asst. DBR Buck