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Visiting the Parker Lord plant and Harley


On March 16, 2022 GVP Brian Bryant , COS Dave Sullivan , GLSR Lorie Wilson, DBR Kevin Hallam and BR Tony Polacci toured and did a shop visit at Parker Lord Corp. in Erie, Pa

GVP Brain Bryant, BR Tony Polacci, DBR Kevin Hallam, COS Dave Sullivan, GLSR Lorie Wilson visiting the Parker Lord plant on March 16, 2022 to show our members their support.



GVP Brian Bryant , COS Dave Sullivan , GLSR Lorie Wilson visit the Harley Davidson factory represented by Local Lodge #175 IAMAW in York Pennsylvania on March 25 2022. They were given a tour of the factory by our members who work in those areas.


DBR Kevin Hallam, GVP Brian Bryant, ADBR Kermit Forbes Jr, GLSR Lorie Wilson, COS Dave Sullivan, BR Mike Wentzel visit to the Harley Davidson Assembly plant in York PA represented by Local Lodge #175 on March 25,2022 to see our members.




LL #175 President Dave Zearfoss, BR Mike Wentzel, DBR Kevin Hallam, COS Dave Sullivan, Union Steward John Young, LL #175 V.P. Dave Staub, GVP Brian Bryant, GLSR Lorie Wilson, ADBR Kermit Forbes in the Harley Davidson Final Assembly area.


BR Mike Wentzel, COS Dave Sullivan, GVP Brian Bryant, LL #175 President Dave Zearfoss, DBR Kevin Hallam, GLSR Lorie Wilson, ADBR Kermit Forbes Jr and Union Steward James Swope in the Fabrication area.


DBR Tim Buck BR Tony Polacci present gifts cards

DBR Tim Buck and BR Tony Polacci Presented gifts cards to the Director of PA NWALF Rosann Barkern in Erie PA.

PA NWALF is assisting Our Brothers of Local 851 Iron Workers that are on Strike At Strayer In Erie.This event is to support our Brothers and there families for Christmas.

Thanks to District 98 for 8 -$25.00

Giant Eagle gift cards.

Thanks to Rosann Barker and PA North West AFLCIO for all they do.