In April of 2020 workers at Local Lodge #2906, Woodstream Corporation received a temporary pay increase of $2 per hour as a way to recognize their valuable work they are doing during these pandemic times. This temporary pay increase is to continue until the end December of 2020. All employees at Local Lodge # 2906 were also able to earn additional bonuses for new attendance incentives. The company was convinced it was in its best interests to offer these incentives to our Union members. As the result of the all the hard work that our Union Members at Woodstream have done, we would like to Announce Effective January 1,2020 that the $2 an hour increase will become permanent.  This is a tremendous accomplishment on the part of our employees and they should all be proud of what they have accomplished!

This is a great example of a company knowing who its most valuable assets are. “The Employees

Kudos all Union members and Woodstream Corporation!