DL98 Shop Steward Training – September 11, 2017

District 98 held Shop Steward training at the York District Hall on Monday, September 11, 2017. Eastern Territory Educator Donna Perinetti presented the training with assistance from DBR Robert Miller and BR Bobby Orr. The Class was attended by over 50 Stewards representing every Local on the eastern part of the state. DBR Miller stated: “There is no position in this union more important than that of a shop steward and the key to becoming a better shop steward is education. As always, Sister Perinetti did an excellent job of passing along the knowledge needed for these Stewards to better represent our membership in the workplace. BR Orr and I were extremely pleased with the turn out and we would like to thank GVP Conigliaro, Sister Perinetti and the Eastern Territory for providing the District with this valuable resource.”

After a long day of Steward training Sister Perinetti gave the Stewards a summary of Right To Work and the effects it would have on our members in District 98. Sister Perinetti also armed those in attendance with talking points to use in their shops about the effects of Right To Work Legislation.

DBR Miller stated: “It is very important for our Stewards to understand the effects of Right To Work Legislation and to be able to explain what Right To Work is to our membership. Although Pennsylvania is not currently a Right To Work State, Right To Work Legislation has been introduced in the Federal Government and it is only a matter of time before Pennsylvania is under attack with Right To work Legislation from both the Federal and the State Government. I would like to thank International President Martinez and the Executive Council for providing our Territory Educators with the tools needed to educate our members on the fight ahead.”