LL 1968 Awards recognition Luncheon

At Local Lodge 1968 Regular monthly meeting in January .  A service awards  luncheon was provided by  the Local Lodge . The meeting was attended by  active and retired members from Meadville Forge , Haysite  and Lord Corp.

At this meeting President Tim Barnes of Local Lodge 1968 presented service awards to Retires and active members. Of the retires is  Brother Florian P. Ozimek in the center picture. Brother Ozimek is 102 years young and a was presented with a 65 year certificate. He is a true unionist and conveyed the benefits of being a union member. We thank him for his attendance and support.

During the meeting ADBR Tim Buck swore in executive board members  and stewards from the shops. We would like to thank all of the attendees. Also for  stepping up to protect their members. We thank them for taking on these rules to promote unionism, job safety , a place of dignity in the work place.

I am confident they will all do a true Yeoman’s Job.

Again congratulations

Submitted by

ADBR Tim Buck