LL 1968 Service Awards

Local Lodge 1968 Held their regular monthly meeting and a service Recognition Awards luncheon on Sunday January 21, 2018. In Erie PA Awards were presented to members from 25-40 years of service. With 40 members present from numerous shops:  Channelock, Lord Corporation, Meadville Forge, Haysite Industries, and former Zurn Industries Pattern Maker David Bartnicki.

A moment of silence was held for all former brothers and sisters, A special note of Former President Harry Ross that passed in a plane crash July 2,2017

President Brother Tim Barnes and the current executive board are continuing a true Yeoman’s job for the local.

Brother Flurian P. Olimer Retired from Lord Tool Room in 1981 and is turning 100 years young this year.

It is always a pleasure to sit and listen of how things were. His passion for the union still a fire in his eyes as well as the current retires. A lot of discussion from the retired members of offering their services for promoting the union in many aspects of organizing and politics.

One consistent statement was the benefits they enjoy from there union negotiated contracts to live comfortable during their retirement

Respectfully submitted

Timothy P. Buck

Assistant Directing Business Representative

District Lodge 98 IAMAW