Local Lodge 1403 – Strike Rally at PCC in York, PA

The Members of Local Lodge 1403 employed by Precision Custom Components (PCC) in York, PA have been out on strike since September 1, 2014. On Monday October 13 about 60 people rallied in front of the PCC’s main entrance in support of the striking union members. The striking members were joined by the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO – President Rick Bloomingdale and Sect. Treasurer Frank Snyder,  Zach Hause from the Central Pennsylvania Area Labor Federation (ALF).

They had Rosie Riveter and the PA AFL-CIO bus on the line with them. Union members from the IBEW, Steelworkers, United Auto Workers, Teamsters and other IAM members from Harley-Davidson Local Lodge 175 attended the Rally.

PCC Rally 2014-1 PCC Rally 2014-2
PCC Rally 2014-3 PCC Rally 2014-4
PCC Rally 2014-5 PCC Rally 2014-6
PCC Rally 2014-7 PCC Rally 2014-8
PCC Rally 2014-9 Link to IAM Web Page article on Strike