Local Lodge 1968 Service Recognition Awards

Local Lodge 1968 Held their Regular meeting and a service Recognition Awards on Sunday January 15, 2017 in Erie, PA.  Awards were presented to members from 30 years of service up to 70 years of service. We had 40 members from numerous shops attend the meeting.

During the meeting ADBR Tim Buck swore in the E- board of LL 1968 and shop stewards from the following shops:  Lord Corporation,  Haysite Industries,  Channelock , Meadville Forge.

LL 1894 Membership Meeting


Above photo –  starting from the left is retired President Harry Ross , next Brother Flurian P. Olimer  retired in 1981 at the age of 63 and now  98 years of age and also  retired from the tool room at Lord corporation.

His discussions of when the IAM organized to represent at Lord is very impressive. It is always a pleasure to speak to  Brother Flurian at these meetings.

Third from Left is Joe Space retired President of LL 1968 the fourth person from the left is Current President of LL 1968 Tim Barnes .

Brother Barnes is truly doing a yeomen’s job for the Local.

All four of these Brothers are from the tool and die craft at Lord corporation in Erie PA;  they are true unionist  in every aspect  of the word.


Submitted by:

Timothy P. Buck

Assistant Directing

Business Representative

District Lodge 98 IAMAW