Negotiating committee members from IAM Local 2439


Negotiating committee members from IAM Local 2439, along with District 98 staff members, completed a virtual negotiating prep class prior to entering contract talks with TCC Pennwest Homes LLC.  The week-long class included training in drafting contract language, presenting proposals, analyzing the company’s strength and weaknesses and identifying a broad array of potential tactics.

“In these ever-evolving times we all need to be prepared for different and creative forms of collective bargaining.,” said District 98 Directing Business Representative Bob Miller. “We were all impressed with how smoothly the virtual training was conducted, and we did not have any problems accessing the training during the week. I would like to thank International President Robert Martinez Jr and the Executive Board for their continued support of this program and the Staff, Instructors and technical staff at W-3 for putting together this virtual training.”Stated DBR Miller.

Committeeman Mike Mercer commented “Our learning here today increases our membership’s knowledge tomorrow.”

The CBA between L.L. 2439 and TCC Pennwest Homes expires February 27th.

L.L. 2439’s committee is shown below from left to right, Mike Mercer, JD Burk, Chris Bradybaugh and Joe Beck.