Urgent letter from DBR Miller – protect your Pensions take action now

Important message to ALL Union Members to take action!

I’m talking about the pension issue.
My message, I urge everyone whether you are in a multi-employer Pension Plan or not to contact your Congressman about the attached Pension issue. This is just another attempt to give big business a bail out on the back of working people. If this bill passes employers will be getting out of the IAMNPF and you will lose your most of your Pension. The PBGC which guarantees your Pension will be eliminated. So the guarantee in place right now will go away. The vote is Friday May 15th so please act on this ASAP! It only takes two minutes to send the letter. Please pass this along.
Thank you,
Robert “Bob” Miller DBR District 98.

Robert D. Miller
Directing Business Representative
District 98 IAMAW
(814) 215-8700

Click on the link  Pension letter from DBR Miller

or Click here to go directly to the IAM web site  https://www.goiam.org/news/tell-congress-to-protect-our-pensions-remove-the-grow-act-from-stimulus-bill/